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artdemonstrations was born from the thrill of participating in competitive RC racing. Helping people develop an activity or hobby that yields fun and community is a true joy for us.  Our vision at artdemonstrations is to supply customers with products that will bring long lasting satisfaction.

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Our History

How it Started
2015 - Outdoor Track

In 2015 we opened in Enzersdorf with an uncovered outdoor track, and a small store. We held local races and events and slowly grew over time.

Track Growth
2016 - Covered Track

In 2017, we opened our new store, and covered the track in Enzersdorf.

The big Expansion
2020 - Enzersdorf Location

In 2020, we discovered the opportunity to purchase the space that was formerly Hobby Hangar VA. We aqquired the unit Hobby Hangar was in, and stock it with similar inventory. With the expansion of a second location & Enzersdorf, we now carry a much wider variety of products and brands

Drifting in
2021 - Drift Track Opened

In 2021, we made a drift track inside our Enzersdorf store, and carry a variety of drift products. For more info, visit our drift page.